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Real Customers, Real Savings
Payment Brokers has been instrumental in facilitating negotiations on over seven billion dollars worth of transactions. Our clients come from a variety of industries, ranging from major industrial, tech, medical, hospitality, insurance, and utility businesses in North America, to smaller startups and individual entrepreneurs.
How WE work
Simple Process, More Profit
Expert payment analysis, brokerage & negotiation.
Payment Analysis
We analyze your business to determine the systems/processes & overall cost of taking payments. This allows us to consult & compare other processors & service & technology providers.
Research & Brokerage
Next, we create an RFP to compare the leading processors, banks & service providers to get the best rate, service & technology available to meet your needs today & into the future.
Proposal & Application
Payment Brokers will propose a solution that meets your needs & makes minimal impact to daily operations, with consultative guidance through the negotiation or application process.
Negotiation & Savings
Our solutions team will help guide you through the overall negotiation and adoption of new processes. We also provide a monthly analysis service to track savings maintain your negotiated pricing.
What we do
Saving without Changing
Our detailed analysis categorically breaks down fees and recommends process, technology & contractual changes that can directly impact your bottom line. Payment Brokers helps negotiate and implement those recommendations without making any changes to your existing service providers. Let’s get to work on a free, online payments analysis today.
The Numbers Speak for Themselves
Read case studies from some of out favorite customers big and small.
Lifetime Savings
Lifetime Savings
Lifetime Savings
Lifetime Savings
Lifetime Savings
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