Expert Negotiation

We leverage insights from AI-powered analysis and over 20 years of payment industry expertise to secure optimal terms and cost savings that impact your bottom line.

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Simple Process, More Profit

We’ve simplified the process from analysis through negotiation to minimize payment processing expenses without affecting your daily operations.


We conduct a forensic analysis of pricing, contracts, processes, technology/hardware, and risk to ensure full transparency and accountability in your existing processor relationship.


We review comparative pricing and services from the leading processors, banks & service providers as added leverage for our negotiations, and future options for exit strategies.


Our proposal incorporates a comprehensive strategy to realize the maximum savings with the highest probability of success while minimally affecting daily operations.


Our specialists guide you through the negotiation until the new contract pricing takes effect, and conduct monthly monitoring to report on savings.

What Are We Fighting For?

Association / Interchange Fees

Interchange, comprising over 300+ Visa, MasterCard, and American Express categories for percentage and transaction fees, is intentionally complex to comprehend. On top of that, additional fees imposed by ISOs, agents, and resellers further contribute to the intricacy.

Transaction Fees

Beyond interchange rates, we examine all fees above interchange including; authorization fees, batch fees, deposit fees, settlement fees, BIN fees, and many other misleading, mislabeled or hidden fees.

Monthly Fees

Our evaluation extends to encompass monthly fees that include statement fees, gateway and terminal fees, software charges, and ancillary services imposed by processors, often without consent, on your monthly statements. Many fees can be immediately eliminated and in some cases retroactively refunded.

Regulatory, Compliance & Risk

Our negotiation service extends to regulatory, compliance, and risk-based fees, covering a range of crucial fees that include; PCI validation, regulatory compliance fees, compliance and validation fees, chargeback risk, credit card processing systems, software, tokenization, and more.

Equipment & Leases

Many merchants discover themselves stuck in high-cost, long-term leases or deceptive hardware scams. These unfavorable arrangements result in significant financial burdens, as our clients are compelled to pay exorbitant amounts for terminals that could easily be purchased outright at a mere fraction of the cost.

Process Oriented Savings

Sometimes we can find savings in the least likely of places. This includes the way cards are accepted, level 2 & 3 data use, chargeback processes, EVM & PIN Debit use, CNP vs. CP and the potential use of cash discounting applications.

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Tech-Enabled, People Powered

“Our efficiency may be enabled by tech, but our value is in the people powered services that go beyond what tech alone can provide.”

Jeremy Lessaris

Founder & CEO, Payment Brokers

Why Negotiate?

There is noting to lose and everything to gain! Let our expert team works tirelessly behind the scenes to deliver substantial cost savings that contribute directly to your bottom line.

  • Keep the same processor

  • Simple Q&A

  • No underwriting, no financials, no owners information including social security numbers or drivers license, no bank statements

  • Potential for retroactive savings

  • No cancellation fees, no liquidated damages

  • No hardware, software or POS system changes

  • The lowest pricing is mutually beneficial

  • Continual monitoring of pricing

  • Easy to read breakdown of pricing

Switching to a New Processor

  • Switch to a new processor

  • Full application & agreement

  • Full underwriting requires; company financials, social security numbers, drivers license, home addresses, bank statements & more

  • Takes days to weeks for approval

  • May charge cancellation fees, or liquidated damages to switch processors

  • May require reprogramming, new hardware or software to use a new processor

  • Incentivized to have a higher price

  • Continual increases

  • Misleading & complicated statements

Our Achievements in Numbers


In Transactions

We’ve consulted over $7 billion dollars in transactions as of 2022.


Savings Achieved

Our clients have achieved ~$10M in savings as of 2022.



We’ve worked with 320+ clients from start up to fortune 50.

Learn More About Negotiation

What do you need from us to negotiate with our processor?2023-06-13T01:40:37+00:00
  1. Initial analysis requires copies of your credit card processing contract and recent statements.
  2. Review and approval of the initial savings report.
  3. Agreement and contract to negotiate on your behalf.
  4. Final approval of the updated pricing and terms.


What happens if the negotiation is not successful?2023-06-12T03:04:01+00:00

In the rare instance that we are unable to negotiate, we will give alternative solutions to how the savings may be achieved, where applicable.

How much do you charge to negotiate?2023-06-12T03:01:21+00:00

Our fees for negotiation, management, monthly analysis, and reporting are a percentage of calculated monthly savings for a set period of time. During the initial analysis, we can determine what percentage and time frame is equitable to be able to achieve the savings and maintain the monthly review and analysis reporting.

Do you work with brand new accounts?2023-06-12T02:50:44+00:00

Yes, we can help you look at all options and help you select a processor that is right for your business.

Jason Milburn

VP of Client Advisory

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