Monthly Fee Monitoring

Our comprehensive monthly monitoring service safeguards your contract pricing, maintains transparency and accountability from your processor and proactively uncovers new opportunities for savings.

*Monitoring is free for RightRate™ Customers.

Monthly Processing Fee Monitoring


  • In Depth Contract Analysis

  • Rate & Fee Monitoring & Alerts

  • Statement Additions “Fine Print”

  • Easy-to-Read Reporting

  • RightRate™ Negotiation Available

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Protecting Your Profit Margin

Uncovering Savings and Ensuring Processor Accountability through Advanced Monitoring

AI-Contract Review

With a comprehensive, machine learning approach, we meticulously analyze your contract to identify risks, challenges, and opportunities. Our tech tirelessly dissects every component, ensuring all contractual obligations are considered and potential risks are addressed during negotiations. By carefully evaluating the terms of your current service provider, we aim to secure the best possible outcome, accounting for contractual flexibility, cancellation policies, and potential liquidated damages.

Statement Analysis

Navigating the complex landscape of credit card processing statement analysis is a daunting task. It involves understanding intricate aspects such as interchange complexities, implementation timelines, misleading dues and assessments, regulatory compliance, risk reduction strategies, and advanced technologies like tokenization and AVS. Utilizing machine learning, our tools simplify the process by swiftly analyzing transaction details, decoding, categorizing, and uncover cost savings opportunities.

Tech-Enabled, People Powered

“Our efficiency may be enabled by tech, but our value is in the people powered services that go beyond what tech alone can provide.”

Jeremy Lessaris

Founder & CEO, Payment Brokers

Facts About Monthly Monitoring

Is any sensitive information required to do an analysis?2023-06-13T01:31:14+00:00

No sensitive information is required to do a statement analysis. All that is required is a copy of your original credit card processing agreement and credit card processing statements. These statements do not have any identifying information like bank account information, credit card numbers, or other person or business information outside of the merchant ID.

For publicly traded companies that believe these documents fall under MNPI, we are happy to sign NDAs with covered persons and entities disclosures.

Jason Milburn

VP of Client Advisory

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