People Powered

An extraordinary company is not about ever-advancing technology and boundless service offerings, it’s only good as its people and a purpose that extends beyond careers. At Payment Brokers, we not only foster professional relationships but also cultivate lasting friendships with the clients we serve, creating a synergy that fuels mutual success.

Our Mission

Empowering a Better Bottom Line

Our mission is to revolutionize the trillion-dollar credit card processing industry by bringing transparency, clarity, and equitable pricing to our clients. We strive to dismantle the complexities and misleading practices that have plagued the industry, ensuring that our clients receive honest, straightforward statements and competitive rates. We believe that high fees should no longer be tolerated as a silent partnership. By empowering businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the payment landscape with confidence, we aim to help them save money and significantly impact their bottom line.

Meet the Team

Our expertise in payment solutions converges with a passion for innovation and unwavering commitment to client success. Each member brings a unique blend of skills, knowledge, and dedication, united by the shared goal of delivering exceptional service and driving transformative results for our clients.

Jeremy Lessaris

Founder & President

Kasey Sherwood

VP of Client Success

Jason Milburn

VP of Client Advisory

CJ Russell

Advisory Board

Trixy Castro

Advisory Board

Our Achievements in Numbers


In Transactions

We’ve consulted over $7 billion dollars in transactions as of 2022.


Savings Achieved

Our clients have achieved ~$10 million in savings as of 2022.



We’ve worked with 320+ clients from start up to fortune 50.

Jason Milburn

VP of Client Advisory

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