Since there is no money out-of-pocket expense for our clients, we often get asked how we make money.

There are 4 main areas where payment brokers can earn money.

  • Splitting the savings. If our clients decide they want our help to negotiate the savings on their behalf, we calculate the monthly savings based on a monthly analysis and split those savings with our client.
  • Contract placement & referral fees. Although many of our clients stay with the same service providers, in the event that a new service provider is selected or requested by the merchant, we may be able to receive a referral fee from the service provider of our client’s choice.
  • Stand Alone Statement Analysis or Contact Review Services. For companies that do not decide to use our negotiation or contract placement services (no cost), we can offer a stand-alone, monthly statement analysis or contractual agreement review for a fee.
  • Custom Payment Technology Development Services. Payment Brokers has years of coding, development, and integration experience and has deployed complex payment systems for clients that can be contracted as a service.