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Is Payment Brokers PCI Compliant?2023-11-21T14:34:03+00:00

PCI compliance is compliance with The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a set of requirements intended to ensure that all companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. Since Payment Brokers does not access, process, store or transmit sensitive credit card information we are not required to meet PCI standards, however, we do follow many of the PCI compliance standards and go above and beyond with layers of additional security, privacy and regulatory compliance standards. This includes encryption of data through Amazon, restricted data access on a “need to know” basis, use of updated antivirus software, use of company-issued devices and tracking by ActiveTrak, high-frequency password updates as well as Two-factor Authentication (2FA), no physical copies of any information, secure document storage through, 3rd party employee screening and background checks and more.

How do you store information?2023-11-21T14:24:18+00:00

Payment Brokers strictly adheres to a comprehensive data handling policy. After processing data provided by our clients, we do not retain or store any sensitive information.

What Happens if I Do Nothing?2023-09-26T11:51:20+00:00

If you are an Eligible Company and you do nothing, you will likely see price increases 2+ times a year and will continue to pay excessive fees over interchange. These increases are usually timed with interchange updates which are published on or around April and October of each year. These increases are often sent in notices on your credit card processing statement and may look unsuspecting as “regulatory” or other “dues and assessments” imposed by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Can I Do This Myself?2023-09-26T11:50:59+00:00

We don’t recommend it. “Do-it-yourself” negotiations have some major hurdles to achieving any success. Some of these points include but are not limited to the following;

  • Understanding interchange and individual transaction classification
  • Knowing the rate and fee structures, hidden fees like BIN, assessments, and transaction fees
  • Contract terms, points of negotiation, and the likelihood of certain negotiable points
  • Profitability of the acquirer, ISO or ISV (helps to understand what credit card processors and software vendors are willing to accept)
  • Interworkings of processors, hierarchy of communication, and LP process.
How Do I Apply for Arbitration or File a Claim?2023-09-26T11:50:28+00:00

You have several options

  • Start by checking to make sure you are eligible in the above FAQs
  • Fill out a Claim Form Online
  • Reach out to our firm directly
What’s the Catch?2023-09-26T11:49:47+00:00

There is no catch. We believe merchants have been limited when it comes to credit card processing fees. We’re now helping these business owners take action. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up, and the arbitrators only get paid if they win your claim and only after the money has been received or savings have been documented and agreed to by our clients.

Arbitration processes are completely confidential and are generally quicker than traditional class actions. Our firm, Payment Brokers, are experts in credit card processing fee arbitration, and cover all fees and costs necessary to win your case. There’s no interest, and you’re free from any financial obligation if there’s no victory.

Any Costs Involved?2023-09-26T11:49:32+00:00

It costs nothing to sign up, there is zero cost out of pocket, and our arbitrators only get paid a percentage of the funds you received from our efforts or have been proven to save after you review and agree to the savings. Payment Brokers cover all fees and costs necessary to win your case. There’s no interest, and you’re free from any financial obligation if there’s no victory.

What Could my Company be Entitled To?2023-09-26T11:49:17+00:00

While outcomes aren’t guaranteed, research suggests that most participating merchants could claim anywhere between ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to seventy thousand dollars ($70,000) per annum. We have documented cases of companies saving as little as two hundred dollars ($200) per month and as much as one million dollars ($1,000,000) per annum on an ongoing basis. Please also note that we will not be able to assist with arbitration for clients that we can not achieve a minimum of $150/mth savings.

Is this a Lawsuit or Class Action Settlement?2023-09-26T11:48:56+00:00

No, this is not a lawsuit or class action settlement. Arbitration varies from standard lawsuits. It’s a unique way for parties to resolve disputes out of court, with the aid of a third-party arbitrator/negotiator rather than through court trials.

How Long Does This Take?2023-09-26T11:48:39+00:00

A standard analysis can be completed in less than 1 business day, but a full analysis can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the processor statements.

The overall arbitration process varies based on the processor and can take up to 4 weeks to process after which there is an ongoing monthly monitoring process to maintain the pricing/savings that are promised to our clients.

Is Any Sensitive Information Needed?2023-09-26T11:48:17+00:00

No sensitive information is required to do a statement analysis. All that is required is a copy of your original credit card processing agreement and credit card processing statements. These statements do not have any identifying information like bank account information, credit card numbers, or other personal or business information.

For publicly traded companies that believe these documents fall under MNPI, we are happy to sign NDAs with covered persons and entities disclosures.

What is the Process?2023-09-26T11:57:01+00:00
  1. Fill out the claimant form and meet with a case worker.
  2. Submit all documentation of previous credit card processing records for review by our arbitrators.
  3. Review analysis of fees,  possible renumeration of previous fees, and future savings from reduced contract pricing with existing credit card processing vendors.
  4. Sign agreement for arbitration with existing credit card processing vendor.
  5. Completion of arbitration by our team with your existing credit card processing vendor.
  6. Receive monthly ongoing tracking of contracted pricing, savings, and monitoring of future price changes.
Who is Representing You?2023-09-26T11:56:39+00:00

Our company, Payment Brokers, is a professional arbitrator that specializes in credit card processing fee negotiation. We utilize advanced statement and contract analysis to identify what is negotiable and the possible savings that are available. We utilize this data to create points of negotiation and professionally arbitrate the matter with your existing credit card processing vendor until we get a resolution for our clients. Our advanced tracking software maintains the pricing each month, notifying clients of any changes by their processing vendor, and continues to maintain the contracted pricing.

You can learn more about us online at

Is there a Commitment?2023-09-26T11:56:32+00:00

No, there is no commitment. Participants will join a collective arbitration, with many merchants filing individual claims against several processors based on similar concerns.

There are NO required changes in service providers, hardware, software, POS systems, or other infrastructure. This is NOT an offer for competitive credit card processing services. 

In terms of time and resources, very minimal involvement from our clients is needed outside of a brief questionnaire which takes approximately five (5) minutes to complete, time to gather and provide the required documentation, review agreements, future savings, and reduced price contracts from your existing credit card processing vendor. In all, we estimate no more than one (1) hour of time commitment from our clients.

Is my Company Eligible?2023-09-26T11:55:42+00:00

If you’re a US-based, merchant accepting credit cards, there is a high probability that you are paying excessive fees and you’re not alone. Join the growing community fighting against these questionable pricing practices. Professional arbitrators estimate that 70% of business owners may be eligible for compensation.

Qualifications for Eligibility:

  • US-based merchants with settlement accounts located in the United States and;
  • Merchants accepting credit card payments for greater than three (3) months and;
  • Processing volume is greater than five thousand dollars ($5,000) per month or sixty thousand dollars ($60,000) per annum.
  • Companies with low chargeback risk or SIC codes that are not considered high risk (see high-risk SIC codes)
  • Ammunition – 3483
  • Check Cashing Agencies – 6099
  • Petroleum Refining – 2911
  • National Commercial Banks – 6021
  • Gaming or Gambling Activities – 7999
  • Loan Brokers – 6163
  • Pawn shops – 5932
  • Political campaigns, candidates, or committees – 8651
  • Correctional Institutions – 9223
  • Night Clubs* – 5813

*Please note that this SIC classification may not always be considered high-risk.

What’s the Issue?2023-09-26T11:55:04+00:00

Several credit card processors impose unexpected fees and services with minimal notice to merchants. These charges are often embedded in the fine print of contract language or tucked away in lengthy statements. Over time, these incremental adjustments can significantly surpass typical merchant pricing some of which have exceeded 6%.

Furthermore, as businesses become entrenched in POS and software systems with integrated payment functionalities, it breeds anti-competitive behavior. This entrenchment often locks businesses into a dual dependency, making alternatives costly and less attractive, limiting free market choices. 

Additionally, the hidden nature of these costs in illegible statements hampers transparent pricing, positioning these providers in a commanding role. This dynamic threatens the integrity of a balanced competitive marketplace.

Ideally, businesses should easily read and understand their fees, delegate credit card fees to customers, promote cost-effective payment options, or steer towards economical choices. However, this is not the reality. Card brands have limited cash discounting, created complex, illegible pricing schemes, and made it near impossible to negotiate pricing with credit card processors without significant knowledge of the industry, profit margins and complicated and ever-changing cost structures (Interchange).

What do you need from us to negotiate with our processor?2023-06-13T01:40:37+00:00
  1. Initial analysis requires copies of your credit card processing contract and recent statements.
  2. Review and approval of the initial savings report.
  3. Agreement and contract to negotiate on your behalf.
  4. Final approval of the updated pricing and terms.


What happens if the negotiation is not successful?2023-06-12T03:04:01+00:00

In the rare instance that we are unable to negotiate, we will give alternative solutions to how the savings may be achieved, where applicable.

How much do you charge to negotiate?2023-06-12T03:01:21+00:00

Our fees for negotiation, management, monthly analysis, and reporting are a percentage of calculated monthly savings for a set period of time. During the initial analysis, we can determine what percentage and time frame is equitable to be able to achieve the savings and maintain the monthly review and analysis reporting.

How long does it take to do an analysis?2023-06-12T02:46:14+00:00

A standard financial analysis can be completed in less than 1 business day, but a full analysis can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the initial analysis.

Is any sensitive information required to do an analysis?2023-06-13T01:31:14+00:00

No sensitive information is required to do a statement analysis. All that is required is a copy of your original credit card processing agreement and credit card processing statements. These statements do not have any identifying information like bank account information, credit card numbers, or other person or business information outside of the merchant ID.

For publicly traded companies that believe these documents fall under MNPI, we are happy to sign NDAs with covered persons and entities disclosures.

Can I do an analysis myself?2023-06-12T02:45:28+00:00

In order to do your own self analysis it would does require significant knowledge and insights on the industry, processes, rate and fee structure, interchange and ISO/acquirer hierarchy and profitability, contract terms etc…

What is reviewed in an analysis?2023-06-12T02:45:09+00:00

Our full analysis goes beyond just rates and fees to look at the business as a whole, identifying areas to mitigate risk, streamline processes and overall reduce expenses associated with processing. Here is what to expect in a full review (where applicable)

  1. Pricing
  2. Contract
  3. Payment Process
  4. Technical & Integration
  5. Regulatory & Compliance
  6. Risk
Is monthly statement analysis is also offered?2023-06-13T01:33:13+00:00

Yes, we offer ongoing statement analysis called VeriFee (Monthly Monitoring) for free to our RightRate (Negotiation) service customers.

What does it cost to do an analysis?2023-06-12T02:44:00+00:00

The first statement analysis is completely free. Ongoing statement analysis is free for our RightRate negotiation service customers. Fees for stand-alone statement analysis are dependent on the complexity and length of each statement.

What is required to do an analysis?2023-06-12T02:43:20+00:00
  1. A simple Q&A about the company, product, and payment acceptance process, software, hardware.
  2. Copies of your credit card processing statements.
What do I need to get started?2023-06-12T02:41:44+00:00

To get started you will need to fill out a simple questionnaire and securely submit a copy of your most recent credit card processing statements. Once submitted, we will start on the analysis and provide a presentation on our findings and results.

Is Payment Brokers a credit card processor?2023-06-12T02:41:44+00:00

No. Payment Brokers is not a credit card processor. We are a broker that helps companies negotiate with their existing provider or can connect merchants with their choice of processing service providers. The processing agreement is between the merchant and the processor directly.

Do you work with brand new accounts?2023-06-12T02:50:44+00:00

Yes, we can help you look at all options and help you select a processor that is right for your business.

How long does the negotiation take?2023-06-12T02:41:44+00:00

Every company is unique, and depending on the size and scope of the project, underwriting requirements the timeframe can range from 1 week to 3 months.

What if I’m in a contract?2023-06-12T02:41:44+00:00

Every merchant has a contract with the credit card processor, what matters most is the term of the contract, its conditions, and the value of the contract. Many service providers are lenient on contracts in order to prevent the loss of an account long-term.

What kind of companies does Payment Brokers work with?2023-06-12T02:41:45+00:00

We can work with any size company and almost every industry. However, we do not work with Adult, Casino or Gaming, MLM, or other high-risk or high chargeback category businesses.

Can I negotiate with my processor directly?2023-06-12T02:41:45+00:00

YES! Actually, there are hundreds of articles online on how to analyze your processing statements, books written on how the processing business works, and public information published by all card brands on interchange. You can utilize this information to help educate yourself on pricing, evaluate your existing pricing, and contact your ISO/agent or acquirer directly to discuss your pricing.

Here is a link to a great starter book:

However, DIY negotiations have some major hurdles to achieving the best results which include;

  1. Understanding interchange and individual transaction classification
  2. Knowing the rate and fee structures, hidden fees like BIN, assessments, and transaction fees
  3. Contract terms, points of negotiation, and the likelihood of certain negotiable points
  4. Profitability of the ISO or ISV (helps to understand what credit card processors and software vendors are willing to accept)
Does you sell or lease equipment or POS systems?2023-06-12T02:41:45+00:00

NO! We do not sell, lease or profit from the sale or use of hardware/equipment, software or POS systems. As such, we also DO NOT service or maintain equipment. We are happy to make recommendations but we do not have any business arrangements with these hardware and software providers.

How much money do I actually save?2023-06-12T02:41:45+00:00

Savings can vary greatly depending on your processing revenue, the volume of transactions, the complexity of your payment infrastructure, and current pricing. Payment Brokers will only work with companies that save a minimum of $100/mth. However, on average, our customers save significantly more.

How does Payment Brokers make money?2023-06-12T02:41:45+00:00

Since there is no money out-of-pocket expense for our clients, we often get asked how we make money.

There are 4 main areas where payment brokers can earn money.

  • Splitting the savings. If our clients decide they want our help to negotiate the savings on their behalf, we calculate the monthly savings based on a monthly analysis and split those savings with our client.
  • Contract placement & referral fees. Although many of our clients stay with the same service providers, in the event that a new service provider is selected or requested by the merchant, we may be able to receive a referral fee from the service provider of our client’s choice.
  • Stand Alone Statement Analysis or Contact Review Services. For companies that do not decide to use our negotiation or contract placement services (no cost), we can offer a stand-alone, monthly statement analysis or contractual agreement review for a fee.
  • Custom Payment Technology Development Services. Payment Brokers has years of coding, development, and integration experience and has deployed complex payment systems for clients that can be contracted as a service.
Do I have to switch Payment Processors?2023-06-12T02:41:45+00:00

No! We help companies negotiate with their existing processor and give companies multiple options for payment processing that can help reduce their bottom line expenses.

How does Payment Brokerage work?2023-06-12T02:41:45+00:00

Payment Brokers helps analyze your current payment vendors, processes, regulatory and compliance and technologies used to find efficiencies and real, tangible savings. Then we compare other, top-tier payment vendors and utilize the information to negotiate with your existing payment vendor. The result is getting more from your existing providers without making complicated changes.

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